Toboom 2017 the twenty-first session of the international China daobang dental equipment exhibition review

The twenty-first China International oral equipment exhibition on -28 October 25, 2017 was completed in the exhibition hall of Shanghai Expo.


This exhibition Toboom daobang not only shows many of the original popular products, also launched two new products: rubber wheel, rubber multifunctional cyclone cyclone wheel. The two repercussions have been greatly repercussions, and customers have a high rate of purchase.

We have a professional technical consultant and sales team at the exhibition scene. We can answer the customer's questions with enthusiasm and patience. A series of dental revolving tools on display have attracted many new and old customers. At the same time, many foreign clients have been daobang brand to attract, and then in-depth cooperation with daobang company. Thank you for the enthusiastic support of the buyers Toboom daobang.



The exhibition, technical team and technical team toboom daobang Japanese pine wind group the further transformation of the company's existing product packaging box are discussed.

Toboom 2017 the twenty-first session of the international Chinese daobang dental equipment exhibition ended,

Thank the friends coming from afar, because there is a support for you, we will after the hundred efforts!

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