2017 Shanghai CDS Toboom daobang stomatology exhibition review

September 21, 2017 -9 month 24 days, held jointly with reed Sinopharm nineteenth National Oral Medicine annual meeting and Chinese International Dental Equipment Fair by the Chinese Stomatological Association (hereinafter referred to as "CDS") at the National Convention Center (Shanghai) kicked off.


Toboom daobang as the exhibitors, show the rich variety of products, polishing suits, suits and other dental teeth preparation rotary tools including all kinds of restorations.



The exhibition scene of customer satisfaction daobang huge crowds of people, high product.



We have a professional technical consultant and sales team at the exhibition scene. We can answer the customer's questions with enthusiasm and patience. Exhibit a series of dental rotary tools to attract a large number of new and old customers, and in-depth cooperation with daobang company.




Toboom 2017 CDS Shanghai daobang oral Festival ended successfully,

Thank the friends coming from afar, because there is a support for you, we will after the hundred efforts!

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